Past meetings: Presentations

  • BTC June 2024

Management Of Parathyroid Disorders During Preconception,Pregnancy And Lactation. Natasha Appelman-Dijkstra (Leiden, Netherlands)

Innovations in thyroglobulin and calcitonin testing. Damien Gruson (UC Louvain).

Spurious parathyroid hormone (PTH) elevation caused by macro-PTH, Thibault Lavalleye (UC Louvain).

Phenotypic and genotypic characterization and long- term follow-up of patients with thyroid hormone resistance. Tessa Van der Auwera (KU Leuven).

  • BTC December 2023

Overview of the 2022 WHO classification of thyroid tumours. Fernando Schmitt (Porto University, Portugal)

Thyroid dysfunction secondary to neoplastic agents in uro-oncology. Paul Van Crombrugge

Anaplastic thyroid cancer: an evolving treatment. Frank Cornelis (UCL)

  • BTC December 2022

Minimally invasive treatment for benign thyroid nodules. Enrico Papini (Rome, Italy)

Antiseizure medications & thyroid hormone homeostasis. A.Rochtus (KU Leuven)

Autonomous thyroid nodules & TIRADS; clinical, cytological and molecular characterization. A. Kyrilli (ULB)

Extracellular vesicles-enclosed miRNAs : from deregulation in murine thyroid cancer to detection in patients’ plasma. O. Delcorte (UC Louvain)

  • BTC April 2022

RET inhibitors as a new systemic treatment modality in medullary thyroid cancer. (Alessandro Prete, Univ. of Pisa, Italy).

Radionuclide imaging in the management of primary hyperparathyroidism (Céline Mathey, ULB).

Update on thyroid hormone treatment: any role for T3? (Maria-Cristina Burlacu, UCLouvain).

Drugs and thyroid interaction:

French (Agnès Burniat).

Dutch (David Unuane).

  • BTC April 2021

The role of the placenta in fetal thyroid, An Eerdekens (KU Leuven)

Remote-access thyroid surgery, Tom Vauterin (Hospital St Jan Bruges)

PTH from the clinical laboratory perspective, Etienne Cavalier (ULiège)

  • BTC November 2019

Association between thyroid disorders
and obstructive sleep apnea, Marie Bruyneel (ULB)

The diagnosis and management of central hypothyroidism in children and adults, Dominique Maiter (UCLouvain)

Long-term complica0ons of chronic hypoparathyroidism:
a cross-sec0onal study, Karel David (KU Leuven)

  • BTC April 2019

Iodinated contrast media (ICM) and thyroid dysfunction, Tomasz Bednarczuk, M.D, Ph.D. (Medical University of Warsaw – Poland)

  • BTC December 2018

EU-Tirads : From Theory to Practice, Gilles Russ M.D. (Sorbonne University, Paris)

  • BTC April 2018

Thyroid microcarcinoma: from paradigm shift tovariations on a theme, Giuseppe Costante (ULB)

Endocrine adverse events of immune checkpoint inhibitors, Jeroen de Filette (VUB)

Pitfalls in thyroid epidemiology, Henry Völzke (Greifswald, Germany)

  • BTC May 2017

Understanding thyroid function in the era of personalized medicine, Dagmar Führer (Essen, Germany)

BTC-Award Lecture: Down-regulated miRNAs in PTC open new diagnostic perspectives, Manuel Saiselet (ULB)

Long-term follow-up of patients with benign thyroid nodules, Cosimo Durante (Roma, Italy)

  • BTC December 2016

Thyroid cancer registration in Belgium: from data collection to population-based research, H. De Schutter and E. Vaes (Belgian cancer registry)

Thyroid cancer: perspectives from opposite sides of the Atlantic, P. Perros (Newcastle, UK)

  • BTC April 2016

Drug-induced thyroid dysfunction., V Geenen (ULg)

Thyroglobulin testing: evolution and pitfalls., D. Gruson (UCLouvain)

IgG4-related disease and the thyroid., B. Velkeniers (VUB)

  • BTC December 2015

Thyroid and chronic kidney failure., B. Decallonne (KU Leuven)

Thiamazole as a pretreatment for radioiodine therapy in nodular goiter., A. Kyrilli (ULB)

Treatment of Graves’ disease in 2015: an update., B. Lapauw (UGent)

Central hypothyroidism: pathogenic, diagnostic, and therapeutic challenges, L. Persani (Milan, Italy)

  • BTC April 2015

Does next-generation sequencing improve the diagnosis of thyroid FNA specimens with indeterminate cytology?, M. Le Mercier (ULB)

Lymph node dissection during thyroid surgery for cancer: surgical principles and how to avoid complications., M. Mourad (CUSL – UCL)

Determinants and clinical correlates of interindividual variation in thyroid hormone levels., G. Roef (UGent)