Short communications

Short communications by young clinicians & researchers – Regulations 2022

The Belgian Thyroid Club aims to actively involve young clinicians and researchers in its plenary scientific meetings by offering the opportunity for submitting a short communication on original, unpublished data (clinical, translational, or basic) in the field of thyroidology or parathyroidology. Interesting, rare or educational clinical cases are also welcomed. Presentation at other national or international scientific meeting is allowed.
The candidate must be ≤40 years old on the date of the abstract submission deadline (see below), and professionally active in Belgium.
The jury is composed of the board members of the Belgian Thyroid Club. Two laureates will be selected for giving a short communication (10 minutes presentation + 5 minutes discussion) at the occasion of the spring scientific BTC symposium, which is scheduled on 30 April 2022.
Each laureate will receive an award of the amount of €500.
The electronic submission of the candidature should contain:

  • The abstract written in English, no more than 500 words (excl. title, min. 2 authors, affiliation, max. 1 table or figure, max. 5 references), stating the objectives, methods, results, and conclusion of the study. Case reports should include introduction, case report, and conclusions.
  • Short CV (max. 1 page)
  • The candidate cannot submit more than 1 abstract as first author.
  • Candidatures are sent to
  • Deadline for submission: 10 March 2022